Nina Radanović – In the park (Print)


Nina Radanović – In the park  – Print on Paper – 297 x 420 mm

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Name: In the park
Artist: Confuzius
Exhibition: Tetrachromacy
Material: Digital illustration on paper
Size: 297 x 420 mm


About the artist

Nina Radanović is a young Croatian artist working under the alias Confuzius. After finishing high school she found herself conflicted about her further education. As years passed by she decided to be self-taught and gather her knowledge form different sources from the comunity. She found her inspiration in outsider art or “art brut”and neo expressionism. Her expression is something that she would describe as sincere creative impulses holding the power to reach the observer. Confuzius is a confused thinker doubting his reality and engageing new realms with his imagination. More infos via .
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Dimensões (C x L x A) 300 × 430 × 1 cm

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