Bruna Buniotto – Liberdade (Photo Print)


Bruna Buniotto – Liberdade (Photo Print) – 30 x 40 cm

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Name: Liberdade
Artist: Bruna Buniotto
Exhibition: Commercial Break
Material: Papel Couche Matte 300mg
Size: 30 x 40 cm



About the artist

Bruna Buniotto is a visual artist born in São Paulo with a very strong connection to her hometown

Even before working effectively with photography, a must-have item on long walks in the city was a compact camera
The chaotic city, excess of concrete, the epicenters of world street art has always been the main theme of her photographs and that is what she brings to this exhibition

From the streets of the Japanese neighborhood ”Liberdade”, to the rushtime of Av. Paulista or the overpopulation of a metropolis. Multiple cities in one, endless nights in the ‘’city that never sleeps’

“Homesick” was born from revisiting her photographic collection in 2019 and the creation of a diary of everyday images of her city (perhaps an attempt to cure homesickness?). Bruna decides to turn this diary into poster collages, a technique also known in Brazil as lambe-lambe

The imperfections of collage mixed with photography is what most represents her homesickness: Her place in the world in the midst of chaos

“Homesick” is a trip to that particular universe of the artists life in the metropolis and the not obvious beauty of this place

enjoy it!



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